I have a fascination with hand tools and hand-work.  I’ve seen some very impressive work done with only hand tools and so I’ve slowly been accumulating some along with the skill to use them.  The skill part is pretty slow but I keep at it.

Recently I bought a drawknife at a junk store over in Jenks.  I’ve often seen Roy Underhill and other guests on his show go at it with a drawknife so I bought one myself.

The edge is pretty dull and has a nick or two in it.  I originally thought that this was pretty much a tool for rough work but I think a bit of sharpening couldn’t hurt plus it would give me practice at holding a constant edge.  The whole thing is curved in two dimensions so that rules out using any of the jigs I have or might build.  This is going to rely on just holding it right and holding the file/stone correctly.  I once watched a guy at Plimoth Plantation do this with a scythe and he managed to get that down to a razor edge – enough to cut grass with easily.  I’ll try to do what he did.  Of course people tend to make things easy that are not necessarily easy.  I’ve learned that over and over with guitar playing.

I’ll have to take photos and document the whole thing.  Or not; I find that when I get my head down into something like this, I don’t fancy stopping to take a photo.  Plus this is the sort of thing that gets my hands dirty and/or oily and that keeps me from touching my camera. 

Not sure how well this is going to go; I went at it with a file last night and I accomplished little except getting some corrosion off the edge.  No iron filings to be seen yet.