It’s inevitable that I have to blog about the hot weather.  I think this may be the summer that breaks the great heat wave of 1980.  It’s been over 100 degrees for over 21 days so far.  Not all of those are consecutive but that’s only because one day some pop-up storms came through and lowered the temperature to around 99.  That doesn’t really count as relief.

This is some pretty serious heat along with really bad drought.  This could cost the state a lot of money that we don’t really have.

Oh, well.  It usually cools off by October.


Last night was spent like we spend frequently spend evenings in springtime Oklahoma: watching the weather.

I’m not sure what the weather guys were looking at that made them so jumpy but for 24 hours we had been warned of impending weather doom beginning at 4:00 pm.  The warnings were oddly dire and oddly specific.  But a line of severe weather did in fact boil up into existence about that time and so the rest of the evening was spent in watching the local weather guys almost wet themselves with excitement. Nothing much happened around here though.

There were in fact a few tornadoes reported but nobody on the ground could verify anything since it was dark and raining on the storm spotters.  The one thing on the radar that apparently looked like a classical tornado signature was apparently out in the middle of nowhere so the spotters couldn’t see it. At my house we got about half an hour of strong rain and nothing much else.  On the TV they were reporting high winds but apparently they weren’t referring to my house.  So much the better I guess but I don’t think the weather that we got justified the frenzy.

We have had a lot of hail this year though.  It seems that every rain storm so far has brought a little pea-sized hail to our house.  Except last night when it was actually forecast.  Apart from that it does seem like we’ve had more than our usual share of rowdy weather; especially up in Joplin.  We seem to have had a number of mild years and this year seems pretty bad by comparison. 

I hope it slacks off though.  I’ve been lucky so far and have had no damage to the house or cars.