Well, that’s it.  It looks like I’ve totally stopped blogging.  Which is a bit sad because it did provide a nice journal of what the family has been doing.

Since I last updated here, we’ve driven to Arkansas for a funeral (and got to see a lot of people we hadn’t seen in awhile), visited Evan a couple of times, he’s visited us a couple of times, we’ve completed the redecoration of Evan’s room and also Erin’s room.  I can’t remember if I ever wrote about how we’ve redone the hallway ceiling or redecorated the guest bathroom. We have only the ceilings of the master bedroom area and living room to do and I think I’m going to hire out the living room since the ceilings are so high.

And then I’ve gotten a good start on the queen-sized bed project.

Easter was fun since Mel hosted her entire extended family and (Evan excepted) everyone showed up.  So life has been perking along nicely.

Evan and Cassie experienced a hiccup with their wedding plans when the venue that they had decided upon abruptly sold the property and so they’ve had to revert to one of their other plans.

And finally, while in Arkansas, I was given Andy’s old black powder rifle.  I spent some time scrubbing the rust off of it and cleaning it up in general and am now ready to fire it.  I have had to acquire a number of things to support that and still need to buy some stuff but I’m almost ready to head to a range and shoot it.


This weekend was a busy one.

In addition to completing the redo of Evan’s bedroom (now our guest bedroom), Erin paid us a quick visit to pick up her car (after having had the transmission replaced – ouch!), Evan called us to tell us that he and Cassie have set a date and a place, Paige had her baby, and then the Super bowl to top it all off.

It was an event-filled weekend.  I’d kind of like to spread these things out if I can but this time, everything happened at once.  Still fun though.

We decided to get a bit more aggressive with the redecoration and renovation (kind of a hybrid of the two actually).  I got home one day and Mel had decided to move all the stuff out of Evan’s old room and scrape the popcorn off the ceiling.  So that project was born all of a sudden.

Together, we worked on it and finished on Saturday.  I re-floated the ceiling, the walls got painted (closet too!), the photo-mural got taken down, trim all painted, ceiling fan replaced, and carpet cleaned.  It’s like new now.

I moved the furniture back in although I’m working on a queen-sized bed and so it will eventually get all redone again.

I guess we’ll redo the main hallway next along with the guest bathroom ceiling.  I don’t look forward to doing the master bedroom and bath.