Recently, Erin got found out that she was awarded Top 10 Freshman Women status which was an upgrade from the Top-20 status from before.  Needless to say, as a parent this is a proud moment.  We the parents were invited to a reception Saturday morning.

She had earlier been invited to the president’s house for a reception; I wish I could have gone to that but we weren’t invited.  Luckily there was a photographer there and we got a photo.

They were also recognized on the field during halftime of Saturday’s game with TCU.  This was an ironic situation since my Ph.D. is from TCU although I never really could get into their team when I was there.  When you’re raised as a Razorback, it might seem feasible that you could also become a Horned Frog, (one ridiculous animal to another)  but it was not to be.  I never learned to care.  Even less so now that Erin is at OSU.

Sadly, tickets to the game were not provided so we had to hastily procure some from StubHub.  Yay StubHub!  They never let me down.

The reception was early in the morning in one of their fancy reception rooms and she got a plaque.  Then we frittered away a few hours hanging out in her apartment and having lunch.

We had brought along Mel’s sister and husband and so we had someone to share the experience with.  Erin’s new boyfriend came along too.

Getting to see your child’s picture on the Jumbotron at a Big-12 game is one of those things that leaves an impression on you.  I keep trying to tell myself that it’s just a superficial thing and that the real value lies in the things that led up to this and the things that this implies about her ability to secure a good future for herself.  But it was still really cool and even though the accomplishment is hers, I feel proud too.  To her credit, she doesn’t let this stuff go to her head; she left right after that to go change and get ready to sort recycling after the game.

I want to say that we did a lot of things right to make this happen but I must say that she has been smart and ambitious (as well as social) ever since she could talk.  We can only take so much credit.

I keep thinking I should get her a job where I work and then the two of us can take over.  Just kidding.  Maybe.


Recently, Erin was chosen as one of the top 20 freshman women at OSU.  Just yesterday, she got upgraded to the Top 10 which is as good as it gets.  Mel and I are super proud.  She has already had her photo made with the president of the university as part of the Top 20 thing so I don’t know what other things she will do.  Last year, they were recognized at one of the games so perhaps this is coming up.

They announce this to the recipients during classes where they walk into class and announce it publicly.  Erin had seen the others get chosen during her engineering classes and presumed that she didn’t make the top 10 cut.  But I guess they were just going alphabetically and so during her last class – a 1 hour credit activity class in welding – someone showed up.  So she didn’t get announced in engineering classes when she looked good; she got announced in front of a bunch of ag majors in her welding helmet, gigantic leather gloves, and plaid shirt.  Talk about helmet hair.

Oh well.  She’ll have time to clean up for the photo ops.

At long last, Erin called us to report on her first week of college which was really just the first week of dorm life since classes haven’t started yet. She reported that she had had a wonderful time but the real interesting part will start on Monday.  Evan also called to inform me that he car would not start so when the week begins we’ll be doing some long distance car repair advising.  His classes start on Monday as well so I imagine he’ll just leave the car alone until he can get the first day or two out of the way.

We took Erin to OSU Friday.  Everything went well.

We lucked out on the weather.  We’d been eyeballing the long range weather forecast for as long as the date had been on it and had been really nervous about the 105 degree temperatures but as the day approached, the forecast got modified until it was in the mid-90’s.  We got some rain the day before and so things were a bit cloudy with those residual effects.  In short, the weather was a good as we had a right to expect in August.   Better in fact.

We had everything loaded the night before and Evan drove in from Fayetteville after his last day at his internship.  So on Friday morning we just took off.

This may be the first time we’ve ever gone anywhere and not forgotten anything.  We did not have to make that run to Wal-Mart to pick up the things we didn’t know we needed.  I guess we’ve done it enough by now.  Of course, Mel and Erin had practiced the packing for a week in advance.  As we were unloading Erin spotted a girl from church and so had somebody to hang out with after we were done. 

Again, we lucked out and a parent was finishing up right as we went inside and gave us a rolling flat cart to put our stuff on.  With that and the two wheeled dolly that I brought along with me, we got everything in about two trips.  We then spent an hour or so in setting up her room.  That all went smoothly and it was quiet since she was moving in early and almost nobody was around.

After that we went over to Eskimo Joe’s for a snack – mostly because Evan had never been there.  We then just basically dropped her off, gave her a hug, and left.  That’s what she wanted to happen anyway.  Since that time we have not heard a peep from her which means she’s busy doing things with people.  She had some sort of training to get ready for helping others move in on Monday but other than that, I really don’t know what happened.  Her updates to Facebook and Twitter were minimal at best and so we’ll just have to wait.  We had mentioned seeing her on Labor Day but there’s actually a game that day that she has tickets for so she doesn’t need to be coming home then.  So who knows when we’ll hear any real news?

We just drove on home with Evan in the back seat telling us all about how his job went during the summer.

Well, Erin went to Stillwater the past two days and signed up for classes. Mel and I went too.

It was a two day long affair but I think it could have been done in one. We chose to stay in The Atherton which is a hotel on campus in the enormous student union building. It was average as hotels go but was Oh So convenient.

For her part, Erin went through all the required motions and had no more than the usual emotional highs and lows when it came time to actually sign up for classes. The process has not improved very much in the past 30 years and there were a few high intensity moments but now it’s done.

Everybody’s still tired but in a pretty good way.

Next week: vacation.