Just got back from Moby’s funeral.  I guess it was well done as funerals go.  It was at the unitarian church so it wasn’t the usual emotional manipulation; the pastor tried to keep it real and inject some humor.  Then as we all filed out a celtic folk band struck up “I’ll fly away” with the encouragement for everybody to sing.  That was a good way to finish up.

I wasn’t sure what to expect at the unitarian church since there is by definition no published doctrine but it seemed totally normal to me. 

I’ll see you later Moby.  Save me a seat and say Hi to my Mom and Dad for me.


While walking around the OSU campus last Friday, I got a call from a friend with bad news.  I have been having lunch with two guys every Thursday for the past six years at least and this is a high point of my week.  I will make every effort to postpone or delay anything else just so I can make this lunch with my friends.  These are the guys who keep me inspired to build things like orreries and other cool things that I might not otherwise have the get-up-and-go to do.

And the news Friday was that one of them had dropped dead in his kitchen for no apparent reason.

Needless to say, I hate this kind of news.  It was very upsetting.

His name: John Martin Anderson – known to everybody else as Moby Anderson.  As far as I knew he never used his real name; everybody in town (and all over the country) knows him as Moby.  I didn’t actually know him that long by comparison with everybody else; I’ve only known him for the six years or so that we’ve been having lunch.  He technically owned a business in town that his father started that produces valves that separate water from oil at oil pumping sites but he was known to all far and wide as a bass player.  He played in many local venues for a wide variety of bands and once back in the 60’s played at the “Whiskey A Go-Go”. 

As far as I know, nobody knows why he died suddenly that way but some suspect a rogue blood clot that masqueraded as gout, a problem he suffered with for years. 

So.  That sucks.  I treat it lightly here but it bothers me a great deal inside.  Here was a man walking around with a ticking time bomb in his own body that apparently nobody knew about.  He was very open about most everything and talked freely about any medical issues and it appears that neither he nor his doctor had any idea about this.  This makes it all the more bothersome for me; how are any of us supposed to know what danger signs to look for?  I can’t stand walking around day to day with the notion that I might suddenly drop dead.

At the very least it can be said that he was active around town and that he liked everybody.  He appeared to know more people than he really did because he was one of those people who never met a stranger.  He talked to everybody as if they were his long lost friend.  But he really did know a tremendous number of people.

We joke that maybe the rapture did in fact occur and that he was one of the few taken up.  He was Unitarian and so was one of many who thought that concept was silly and so it would be pretty ironic if true.  But he would have found it amusing and I’m sure that if it’s true, he’s already made friends there.