Well that went just like the first.  I guess that was the idea.  I still have to say: it is indeed quick and painless but the recovery is always glossed over.  I was out of commission the entire day; thankfully, not due to nausea this time.  Living with my eye taped shut is very disorienting to me plus the eye muscles were sore as the anesthetic began to wear off. 

The next morning (Wednesday), my eye was still a bit dilated from the day before and so I was getting two different types of image inputs which again is kind of difficult to deal with.  I chose to stay home. 

When I got to the ophthalmologists office for my post-op, he told me that my intraocular pressure was “a tad high” in both eyes.  This worries me but he gave some eye drops with the instructions to use them twice a day and to come back on Monday (which I was going to do anyway).  I guess it isn’t all that big of a deal (yet) if it can be dealt with eye drops until Monday.

It’s still very difficult to read; the first eye will focus comfortably at about 12 inches but it’s hard for me to read with one in focus and one not so I still get tired of it after a few minutes and reading things on computer monitors and on my phone are especially irksome.  I certainly hope that will improve.  As far as driving goes, that is very good.  I was tested at 20/25 again but it seems better than that to me. 

Oddly enough, I can look through binoculars perfectly.  I can get both eyes to come into perfect focus so there’s hope that things will settle down to “normal”.

I have noticed that the world looks more blue to me.  The cataract is a natural yellow or brown color and this “colors” your perception of normal so today everything looks a lot more blueish than I’m used to.  I downloaded a spectral transmission chart for this lens (nerd stuff again) and it’s very flat over the visible spectrum so what I’m seeing now is obviously “normal”.

So that’s what life is like 8 days after the first one and 2 days after the second.  And I’ve used 4 days of PTO. 

I will never forgive the business world for getting rid of separate vacation and sick days and forcing us to “personal time off” for everything.  I can’t help thinking that I’m wasting vacation when I stay home sick or otherwise unable to work.  It was always a comfort to me to be able to put sick days into the bank and then know that if I was out for a significant length of time, I would be OK and would not have burned up all my vacation.  Bastards.

I had another post-op checkup this morning and my distance vision is 20/25 which is almost back to normal.  I don’t actually think my remaining “good” eye is any better than that without glasses so I’m doing pretty well.

I’m having trouble reading but the doctor says that once both eyes are the same, I will be able to read better.  As to focusing in close, that’s something that I have to work at for awhile (he didn’t say how long) and I should not use any reading glasses.  At least not yet. 

My brain will learn how to focus up close and in between so I just have to do a bit of therapy. That’s nothing official – that’s just my term for trying to read until my brain learns to interpret the new situation.

Next surgery is tomorrow morning – my head is already marked with the doctor’s initials.  I hope this one does not lead to the horrible nausea of last time.