Evan has collected several paychecks now and seems happy at his job.  He seems to have made some acquaintances at work that he hangs out with regularly after work and so seems to not be bored.  There are some nice bike trails near his apartment so he rides regularly. We finally bought him a graduation present: a GoPro camera so he’s been busy with that along with his first large purchase of his career: a new laptop.  He seems to be getting his adult life and career off to a good start.
As a parent, that’s the answer to almost every hope and prayer we ever had for him.  Only one remains:  that he meet the right girl.  That may be happening too; he has spent several weekends up in Fayetteville visiting Cassie and she has visited him a few times too.


Ever since Erin started driving, Melissa realized that she no longer needed to work for the school system in order to match her schedule with the kids’. Now that Erin is a sophomore in college, she finally decided to look for a full-time job this summer.

Last week, she found one.

It has all been relatively agonizing since she thought it would be nice to continue working for the school system – just full time. To that end, she interviewed for several positions throughout the summer at the main office but none of those panned out. So she applied for a job with Verizon at a local place where they do a lot of corporate accounting and she landed that one. So she will be starting there in October and after staying home for 20 years, she will be heading back into the work force and will probably do that until we retire. Unless she hates it, then who knows?

I’ve been working in Greenville since Labor Day.

It’s been a good experience in many ways. I’ve done some good work, achieved my goal of making the customer happy, left them with the impression that all of us in Tulsa are geniuses, given my career a boost, shown the home management that I can be trusted with responsibility, stored up a lot of hotel reward points, had some good times, met some interesting people, caught up on my reading and movie watching, practiced my guitar a lot, and watched the seasons change from the point of view of the road.

I’ve missed being with Melissa and have missed being able to do personal projects whenever I pleased but Melissa understands and those projects will be there whenever I have time.

We’re just about to reach a turning point down here. I’m not sure what our role will be when we get this job done. I guess I need to start imagining that; if I have a good plan, maybe everyone else will go along with it.

Evan starts his summer internship today.  He will be working at a small manufacturing business in Fayetteville that produces tools for use in the masonry business: cement mixers, trowels, pointing tools, etc.  He’s very much looking forward to having an actual paycheck.  In fact, he already has his shopping list made out for what to buy when he gets paid.  Hello iPhone!

I hope it goes well.  I look forward to hearing about the first day this evening when we call him.