My baby done gone away for the last time on a spring break mission trip.  At least this is the last one that I’m paying for directly.  After this, she can raise her own funds.  They are now in Guatemala doing various hard-labor type things for the poor down there.  At least I think they are: our youth leaders have never been good about updating the status number at the church or the blog.  They will claim that the internet service is poor but they’re just not into that too much. I wish they’d outsource that job to one of the kids.  We’d have daily movies.

Anyway.  As usual, we got her to the airport at 7:00am whereupon she and all the other kids from Asbury promptly formed a big mob in the concourse.  At which point the security people began to try and make them clear the way and get in a line along one wall.  They were only marginally successful. Then they all went upstairs, went through security and that was that.  Not much else for a parent to do after that except chat with the other parents for a bit.  It was about 8:30.

We had decided to go to the spring home show at the fairgrounds but it didn’t open till 10:00.  We decided to go see if the woodworking store was open since I needed a couple of things.  It wasn’t.  So for plan C, we went across the parking lot to the Panera for coffee and a cinnamon roll to await the store opening while we were waiting for the home show opening.

This all worked out rather well; we ended up being some of the first ones into the home show and so got to browse about half of it before the place filled up and got crowded.  We don’t usually go but this year we’ve decided on some things we want to do and so went to the show to scout out some contractors to do them.  I also bought a gadget to tape around doors and windows while painting and a thing to hold your bag open when you’re trying to put leaves into it.  These sound trivial unless you’re a person who has attempted either and then you’ll be emailing me asking to borrow them. We also got the ubiquitous free yardstick.

As we finished up there, it was noon and so we drove over to Steve’s Sundry which is a local bookshop that’s been around Tulsa since the late ‘40’s I think.  At least the early 50’s.  They still have an old lunch counter and soda fountain in the back so we had lunch there.  The menu was old fashioned too: grilled cheese sandwiches, egg salad, tuna salad, etc.  No French fries to be seen.  It’s an institution that I had never been to and so that was fun.  We stayed to browse since they specialize in stocking things by local authors.  I bought a book on Art Deco style architecture in Tulsa and there was an author signing a book about her dog nearby.  It was all very enjoyable.

We finally made it home and since we had been up since before 5:00am, we both lay down for a nap.  We then spent the rest of the day planning how we will be enjoying the spring break week.