I’ve been working in Greenville since Labor Day.

It’s been a good experience in many ways. I’ve done some good work, achieved my goal of making the customer happy, left them with the impression that all of us in Tulsa are geniuses, given my career a boost, shown the home management that I can be trusted with responsibility, stored up a lot of hotel reward points, had some good times, met some interesting people, caught up on my reading and movie watching, practiced my guitar a lot, and watched the seasons change from the point of view of the road.

I’ve missed being with Melissa and have missed being able to do personal projects whenever I pleased but Melissa understands and those projects will be there whenever I have time.

We’re just about to reach a turning point down here. I’m not sure what our role will be when we get this job done. I guess I need to start imagining that; if I have a good plan, maybe everyone else will go along with it.


I’ve been in Greenville, Texas working my ass off.  Of course that’s what they pay me for but I’m still tired.

Of course “Thou Shalt Not Blog About Work” so I’ll just say that I was sent four hours south on a temporary basis to do some work for a sister division who lacks the skills that we have in Tulsa.  I spend the week down in Greenville and come home on the weekends.  It’s been tiring because with nothing else to do, we just do more work.  I could soon grow sick of this in fact.  But for now, it’s been OK.

At least everybody is glad to see us.