Erin left today for her long-awaited trip to New York.  Her and the dramanators have been waiting all school year to go up there for a few days and see the sights as well as four broadway musicals.  We dropped her off at the airport this morning at 4:30 am.

I’m always amazed at how many parents just drop their kids off and drive away.  But anyway… this is not about what’s right or wrong.

This is all very timely since the Tony awards were held last night and one of the performances they are going to see (Billy Elliot, the musical) just won a bunch of awards.  That’s going to be the hottest ticket on Broadway and they’ve got tickets to it.  That in itself is enough to whip them all into a frenzy.

The last we saw of them, they were an excited, chattering mob passing through security together.  They’re going with one of the best teachers I’ve ever come across.  This woman has some sort of chemistry with students of that age and has not only coached them through some good performances but has generated her own cult following.  Every single kid in her classes would throw themselves in front of a bus for her.  When this teacher shows up, the kids all flock around her as if she were a celebrity.  Erin has had some really good teachers in her various schools but this is the only one that she actually likes and will pay money to hang out with (during events like this week’s trip).  It’s ironic therefore that this teacher, due to budget cuts resulting from the weak economy, will lose her current position to a more senior teacher from elsewhere in the district.  Whether she will have a job at all, I don’t know.  The way teachers in our town are retained or laid off is done entirely on the basis of seniority so she will just have to take what comes.  Drama is an elective class and if word gets out that the “good” teacher is no longer there, enrollment could drop off and cause even further cutbacks in the program. 

But for this week, they are all in New York together and will undoubtedly have a grand time.  There is one adult for every five students so that should work out OK.  I told Erin to take lots of pictures.