We attended Erin’s last play Saturday night.  Too bad; I always enjoy these things.

Evan drove in from Fayetteville to watch but drove back afterwards rather than staying the night. 

Erin only had a part in the chorus and her parts were what is called ‘crossovers’, i.e., she crosses the stage from one side to the other anytime there is a crowd on stage like when you want to portray a bustling city scene.  She also sang in the chorus numbers when there is a large crowd on stage singing.  This is all good; she has been so busy with prepping for college, I’m glad she didn’t have a major part like last fall.

Last fall, Melissa participated in the fundraiser by becoming a patron.  I was unaware of this until I saw our names in the program and we got publicly recognized at a reception after the last performance.  It wasn’t all that much money; at least not much more than we would have spent on tickets anyway (but unlike most parents, we attend all performances).  Still, it was kind of nice but also a bit awkward – I’ve never been a “supporter of the arts” before.  It’s fun though; perhaps we’ll continue in the future.

It was bittersweet though since I know this was Erin’s last performance.  I don’t imagine she’ll continue any of this while in college although you never know what she’s going to do when she gets off on her own.  All the more reason to continue attending such things. There’s a lot to like about the performing arts at the local level; not the least of which is that it’s more accessible.  If you want decent tickets for something up in Tulsa at the big venues, you’d better be the family of an oil baron from the old days because the good seats have been taken by the old patrons years ago.


Bye Bye Birdie closed Saturday night after a successful three night run. Erin says that ticket sales were good; in fact, they may have actually broken even or made a small profit.

Evan was much impressed which made Erin happy. Furthermore , there was a boy who made overtures to her afterwards which made for a bit of a thrill for her. As parents we were less excited but after Mel had run him through the parental spy network, she seemed OK with him.

So now life can go back to normal.