I’ve been home for two days straight due to a record setting snow. The weather guys predicted it perfectly and many records were broken.

At my house I got about 14 inches but due to the wind, it got onto my screened back patio as well as all the way to my front door which is at the end of a long porch. The whole area was shut down: the airport was closed for two days, the paper did not publish for the only time in it’s 100+ year history, and any number of other of apocalyptic things. The national guard were the only ones able to reliably drive anywhere.

We tried to make the best use of the forced isolation. Mel did our taxes: both federal and state. I worked on my orrery until I needed to make more parts, switched to my guitar electronics project, finished a book, finished a video I’m making for Erin’s graduation, did a bunch of orrery blogging, and wrote an email to the National Air and Space Museum about an artifact that someone gave me years ago.

All in all, we didn’t waste our time. We even managed to shovel off our driveway over the course of two days. This was a massive effort but the street is so bad that there’s no place to go.

I hope we can get out tomorrow; I’m burning vacation here. I have my doubts; there are still semitrucks stuck on all the turnpikes.