On Friday night, Erin invited all her friends over to celebrate her 18th birthday.  It wasn’t her birthday but she’s going to be in Guatemala on a mission trip on her real birthday so we celebrated then.  The house quickly filled with noisy teenagers and they all played “Just Dance” on the Wii.  Even so, we bought way too much cake.  We got one with a baby picture on it and everybody seemed to want to eat around that part.  Nobody ever wants to ruin the photo so they avoid it.  We had over half of it left.

We had researched what they like to eat.  Many of them like to style themselves as “vegan” but apparently lots of junk food qualifies as vegan.  Apparently you can still eat junk that’s bad for you; it’s just that no animals were harmed in the Nutter Butter creation process.  I wouldn’t have thought that Nutter Butters were free from lard but there it is. 

As they say, a good time was had by all.  A number of them were leaving for Guatemala the next morning so it broke up around 11:00.  That’s really early for teenagers unless they have a forced march to the airport the next morning.