May 2013

I’ve slowly been refurbishing my muzzle loading rifle and finally managed to get up to the store where you can buy such supplies.  I am now furnished with lead balls, patches, miscellaneous gear, and powder (not the real black powder by Pyrodex – a “propellant”).  To call gunpowder a “propellant” seems a ridiculous legal distinction but there it is.  Real black powder is classified as an explosive and is hard to get; “propellent” can be sold off the shelf more easily in small amounts.

Anyway, I’m ready to shoot – I just need to run some tests first and need to go somewhere that I can do them.  I don’t think I can get away with any testing in my neighborhood; firing a gun without a lead ball (simply wadded with patches) will still make a bang and I can imagine getting in trouble over that.


Saturday was the day for Cassie to graduate and since we had not yet met her family, we chose to go over there and attend the ceremony and meet the parents.  And grandparents.

That all went well and we feel better for having met them.  We then drove down to Steve’s near Winslow to spend the night.  It isn’t that far back home but his farm is so pleasant we hated not to turn down an invitation.  Now that his house is truly complete, he’s turned to a more active use of the land and has a small number of cows and some chickens.

We took walks around the property which was pleasant enough for me but, to a land owner, is necessary to make sure that all the fences are still up and in good order.  A cow with a strong enough will can make short work of a fence.  We also fished in the pond for awhile.  Trips there are always more relaxing that a weekend at a B&B so we try to take advantage whenever we’re invited.

Mother’s Day was spent in driving home.

All this week, Erin has been in Washington DC and while her twitter feed has been pretty sparse, the other kids on the trip have inadvertently kept us up to date.