This fall, I decided that it was time to stop reading up on things and start doing things.  My completion of that constant travel down to Texas, Evan’s full time job, and Erin’s full-time student-ship means that I now can make the spare time to do whatever I had previously been dreaming of.  Since that time I have, in no particular order, done all of the following:
1)    Scraped the popcorn off the kitchen ceiling.
2)    Re-skimmed it.
3)    Put in recessed lighting.
4)    Bought under-cabinet lighting.
5)    Scraped, skimmed, and painted the laundry room and hallway ceilings.
6)    Cut a set of Catan pieces on the FabLab laser cutter.
7)    Made a second set of those as a gift.
8)    Made a wooden box for the above.
9)    Made a laser-cut shape sorting box as a toy-making experiment.
10)    Bought and assembled a Stirling engine.
11)    Made a laser-cut dust cover for it.
12)    Designed some laser-cut Christmas ornaments.
13)    Also drew up the gears and other pieces for another orrery.
14)    Bought the rough cherry lumber for a queen sized bed that will go into Evan’s old room.
15)    Completed a chip separator for my shop vac to make any further woodworking easier to clean up after.
16)    Aquired several miscellaneous woodworking tools and learned to sharpen all my edged tools.
Things are moving along nicely.