Recently, Erin got found out that she was awarded Top 10 Freshman Women status which was an upgrade from the Top-20 status from before.  Needless to say, as a parent this is a proud moment.  We the parents were invited to a reception Saturday morning.

She had earlier been invited to the president’s house for a reception; I wish I could have gone to that but we weren’t invited.  Luckily there was a photographer there and we got a photo.

They were also recognized on the field during halftime of Saturday’s game with TCU.  This was an ironic situation since my Ph.D. is from TCU although I never really could get into their team when I was there.  When you’re raised as a Razorback, it might seem feasible that you could also become a Horned Frog, (one ridiculous animal to another)  but it was not to be.  I never learned to care.  Even less so now that Erin is at OSU.

Sadly, tickets to the game were not provided so we had to hastily procure some from StubHub.  Yay StubHub!  They never let me down.

The reception was early in the morning in one of their fancy reception rooms and she got a plaque.  Then we frittered away a few hours hanging out in her apartment and having lunch.

We had brought along Mel’s sister and husband and so we had someone to share the experience with.  Erin’s new boyfriend came along too.

Getting to see your child’s picture on the Jumbotron at a Big-12 game is one of those things that leaves an impression on you.  I keep trying to tell myself that it’s just a superficial thing and that the real value lies in the things that led up to this and the things that this implies about her ability to secure a good future for herself.  But it was still really cool and even though the accomplishment is hers, I feel proud too.  To her credit, she doesn’t let this stuff go to her head; she left right after that to go change and get ready to sort recycling after the game.

I want to say that we did a lot of things right to make this happen but I must say that she has been smart and ambitious (as well as social) ever since she could talk.  We can only take so much credit.

I keep thinking I should get her a job where I work and then the two of us can take over.  Just kidding.  Maybe.