Evan joined the cycling club in Ft. Smith soon after he started work there and last Saturday, participated in his first duathlon.  We decided to drive over to watch.
But not before Erin came home for her “fall break”.  That is really nothing more than a Friday without classes.  She had a race of her own to participate it which is the race to find a paid internship for the summer.  She had an interview with a company in Tulsa and so spent Friday preparing for and going to that.  She seemed to think it went well.
We got up early on Saturday to head to Ft. Smith.  It was raining off and on both there and at home and fall had begun all of a sudden with temperatures in the 50’s.  This was nothing but good news to me since I love the cooler weather – it was a great day for outdoor activities as far as I was concerned but Erin stayed put in the car most of the time.
We got to see Evan pass by the start/finish line several times for the riding and running sections.  Then when he was done we met up at his place and then headed off to lunch where we watched the Razorbacks on the restaurant TV.
Not a bad way to spend the weekend.  Plus it kept Mel’s mind off her upcoming new job.