The garage air conditioner has been very nice.  I turn it on when I get home and it cools the cars down which makes it much more pleasant to go into the garage for all those things you usually go into a garage for but it has made all the difference to me since I can now go out there and spend time at my workbench.
I’ve been able to work on my long-term transition to more hand-tool work.  I haven’t accomplished a whole lot yet other than practicing with various hand planes and saws.  I have sharpened everything I have including some saws which is a rather tedious skill to try and develop.  It’s similar to plastering the ceiling in that sense.  But I have managed to make a couple of them cut better than they did so that’s encouraging.
I’ve started a simple project to actually produce something: the English Layout Square that I saw in Popular Woodworking.  I’ve seen that one done on the Woodwright’s Shop on PBS also.  So that one is about half done and it going well.
Air conditioning is definitely a good thing.
I also have a guy at work who is building a shop and who wants to buy my table saw and dust collector so I’m pumped about that.  That should free up some space.