Well, you can’t have a blog without documenting the holidays on it. It’s a rule.

With the 4th of July falling on Wednesday this year, we didn’t really plan anything. I’ve sat in the sweltering heat for so many years to watch a fireworks display that I finally decided I had seen enough. We had pretty much decided to just sit home and watch the Washington DC fireworks on PBS.

Then Erin decided to come home for the day.
Mel’s sister has her birthday on the 3rd so Melissa decided to invite them over and grill some chicken and corn-on-the-cob outside. Very soon it blossomed into a real 4th of July cookout which was fine by me. Those are great fun and the food is better (to me) when it’s grilled outside. Then Evan texted me and said he had changed his mind and wanted to come home for the day also. Whee!
Erin wanted to buy some fireworks and shoot them in the front yard rather than go somewhere else to watch a display which was cool with me. So on the afternoon of the 3rd, we bought a fireworks permit off the city website and went to the local fireworks stand. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the relative cost of fireworks has gone way down since I was a kid since we got an hours worth of entertainment for about $50.
Our party was on the evening of the 3rd so that left the 4th as a day of relaxation. Mel and Erin went shopping which is not relaxing for me but perhaps it is for them. Evan and I stayed home. In fact, I spent part of the morning out in the garage sharpening a saw in my newly-cool garage/shop.

It was sad when afternoon rolled around and they had to leave – it was all good fun that I hated to end. Then we did in fact end up watching the fireworks in DC on PBS. The neighbors were shooting some pretty big stuff out front so I watched them a bit also but mostly just watched them on TV.