Last Tuesday I went into the ophthalmologists office for a YAG Laser Capsulotomy.  That’s the thing where, after cataract surgery, you develop another cataract on the rear surface of the lens capsule.  This happens about 80% of the time; I have no idea why proteins would decide to condense on a surface where they never did before but that’s what happens.  The YAG laser just burns a hole in the capsule so you can see through it.  This was quick and painless although I did have to actually go to the hospital to have it done.
The doctor told me earlier in the year that they had a laser in his office and would do this procedure there but apparently in the intervening months they were told that in order to work with Medicare, they had to do every procedure in a “real” hospital so I had to go there.  I don’t think the total experience was any different.  It literally took 30 seconds.  I could see better by the next day.
My follow-up was yesterday and I was told that although I had a slight astigmatism in my right eye, it was not really worth doing more surgery on.  All necessary procedures are included in the price that I’ve already paid so I can legitimately insist on it but my vision tests out at 20/20 and I’m not sure it’s worth it.  He is totally willing to go ahead with it but I’m going to let it ride for awhile and see what I think in six months when I have another follow-up.
So I guess that’s all over.  For awhile there, my vision was seemingly getting a bit worse but about a month before my last follow-up, I began to see noticeably better and that has remained.  After the YAG laser, I can see noticeably better still. I still don’t think it’s as good as I used to be able to see with glasses. Maybe it’s because I can only focus at two places – the doc says that this should improve with time.  Somehow (perhaps wishful thinking) I had the idea that my brain would figure out how to focus at all distances in about two weeks but the doc says it can take a long time.  As in a year or more.  Still, that makes me hopeful.  Last week while looking at displays in a museum I had to either get right up on a placard to read it or stand 10 feet away or so.  But I’m pretty much back in the saddle, optically speaking.