Erin chose to do a study abroad this year.  She chose the “10 Days in Italy” option.  I’m not sure how much credit she gets for that nor what sort of materials she has to submit as an assignment but she got back recently and thoroughly enjoyed herself.

She knew one other girl well and so had a buddy.  We heard very little from her since we had told her to put her phone on airplane mode and keep it there to avoid expensive overseas data rates.  Occasionally she would hit a WiFi hotspot and put a notice on Facebook.  On the day she was to return, their flight from DC to Tulsa got delayed by a variety of things and so they didn’t come rolling in until 3:00 am.  By that time, plan changes had been made and she brought her friend McCall home with her.  McCall spent the night but was up very early at 7:00 am or so and her Dad drove over from Edmond to pick her up promptly at 9:00am and that was that – we didn’t learn anything more until Erin woke up that afternoon.  It took days for her to get back onto a more American schedule but I enjoyed that since it meant that she was up early and could talk about the trip.  She finally got all her good photos uploaded to Facebook and then we all got to enjoy them.

She had lost her camera right before leaving and only used her iPhone to make photos but the iPhone 4 makes good pictures.  Good to know.

It was such a whirlwind trip for her that she didn’t have much in-depth knowledge of anything and is already starting to forget what some of the things are that she took photos of.  Good thing she kept a journal.  She turned that in to the professor that was along for the trip and hopefully she will get that back and connect the dots soon.