After Evan’s graduation he and Cassie went on the wedding tour wherein most of his friends got married. Then he went to stay with Cassie and her family for about a week. That seemed like a little long to us but he had a good time. Finally we called and said “hey come spend some time with us” so he drove home, checked in briefly at his apartment in Fort Smith, and then drove over to broken arrow.

We spent a week sort of getting him ready to move away permanently. You know: sending him to the optometrist for one last visit, buying things he needed, getting him a haircut, stuff like that.

Then it was time to move Erin to Stillwater which he helped with.

Then it was time to drive to Fort Smith with him. His new employer had already paid to move all of his stuff there. But he did need to go buy some furniture for his apartment. So we drove around Fort Smith looking for furniture. We found a bargain at one place or not so much a bargain as it was just an instant living room. It had the sofa, love seat, two end tables, 2 lamps, and some accessories so it was a way of instantly decorating his living room. He needed something to sit on to watch television.

And now he starts work. It’s a big day. He’s well and truly out on his own now. Makes me sad but that’s the way things are supposed to go I guess.