Wow, blogging has fallen out of favor as facebook and twitter have taken over.  And my family history documentation has suffered as a result. Well, here is a run-through of all that’s happened since Disney World.

Erin finished her first year of college with a 4.0 GPA.  She’s going to take classes in the summer and has found a job in the honors college to help pay the rent.  And she’s moved into her first apartment with a friend (also an aero major) and is really excited.

Evan graduated on the May 12 with his degree in Industrial Engineering and starts work at ABF in Ft. Smith this monday.  He has an apartment there which we went to see yesterday.  He had been home for the brief period between graduation and work just to visit and I wanted to see his place.  He also wanted  help buying some furniture for it so we went shopping.

That does not do it justice by any means – much more has happened and someday soon I hope to catch up on it.  As it is now, I feel the passage of time very keenly.  He’s gone now – and for good.  Really.  This time, it’s permanent – he’s grown up.