I don’t know what’s come over me but there has been no bloggage here recently and nothing worth reading in even longer.  I guess Facebook and Twitter have just made it so easy to update something that I don’t think of it.  That and the fact that both children have left the house which means there is nothing interesting going on any more.
I’ve been working in Greenville a lot too so there’s that.  One might think that spare time in a hotel room would lead to a bout of creativity but no; I just end up watching movies and reading.  And watching woodworking videos.
But hey! We went to Disney World.  Both kids had spring breaks at the same time.  The kids had recently been giving us a good-natured ribbing for never taking them to Disney World (preferring instead to visit the cheaper National Park system).  So we decided to finally take them now that they did not need to be pushed around in strollers or micromanaged in any way.
We spend six days down there and it was wonderful.  We pushed ourselves to the limit on the first couple of days but after that we reduced the pace.  I was pretty reliably cranky in the hot part of the afternoon so we learned how to adjust to that time period.  We saw it all and did it all and so there seems relatively little to report. If I started writing about it, this would go on for days. I will have to rely on the date stamps on all my photos to remember what we did and when.  Luckily, the best of them went up on facebook and so are already immortalized in a way.  Good thing too since we were hit by a bout of malware after getting home.
Spring has sprung and with it, my annual checkout of the sprinkler system.  It seems to need some work as usual.  I can foresee that requiring either an entire weekend with a shovel or $300.  I’m leaning towards the latter.  Jobs get done much faster when I’m paying someone else to do them.  I’m totally addicted to the lawn service. Similarly, the back fence is sagging.  My beautiful replacement still looks good thanks to several applications of Thompson’s Water Seal but a few of the fenceposts that were not rotten at the time have completed the process and have let go from the ground.  So the fence is sagging in two spots which will require the digging of holes.  And so a typical homeowner year begins.