I guess I just want to know more about how things work.  Clearly I have more detailed questions that the average person who is going in for lens replacement.

I have two simple questions:

1)      How hard is the lens in the average person’s eye?

2)      What does the Tecnis IOL look like?  As in – show me a detailed photo.

It’s a bit tricky to ask the doctor. He is busy and has a very carefully scripted thing he tells all patients and he leaves little time for questions beyond the superficial.  And when your time’s up, man it’s up.  Out you go to see the cashier.

As to the first question, that seems a simple question but Google has proven unhelpful.  There are a few medical journals that have that sort of thing in papers but those are behind paywalls.  I personally have dissected eyeballs but they were not human, they were from long-dead animals, and they had been soaked in formaldehyde for a long time.  Any of those reasons would have accounted for the yellow, rock-hard nature of the lens.  I want to know how squishy mine is right now.  No particular reason; I’m just curious.  I have asked at the doctor’s office (not the doctor because I forgot until he was gone) and nobody really knows; at least with enough certainty to tell me because apparently medical personnel must be certain and their answers must be traceable to a source.

Number 2 has yielded some good info.  The website of the manufacturer has lots of technical gobbledygook which I loved but no actual photographs nor any details as to its manufacture.  Perhaps it’s still under patent or something.  The model they showed me at the doctor’s office was unique (it had a series of rings on a flat surface and so reminded me of a Fresnel lens but the website refers to it being a ‘diffractive lens design’)  and so I wanted to explore the physics of it but again, the doctors and nurses don’t really care about that stuff.  They care about whether it’s the right cure for me and how to get it in there.  Beyond that, they don’t care much.  I might be able to catch a glimpse before the procedure but my eyes are not working too well up close at the moment (hence the surgery) and I’ll be under a bit of anesthesia (more for the calming effect) and may not have the brain power to initiate such high level discussions.  In fact, I doubt it. 

I don’t care about being labeled a flaming nerd – in fact I rejoice in it.  It’s people like me that invented the lens implants to begin with.  But if you’re not in that community, it’s surprisingly hard to find the detailed data you want.