Both kids had more time off than Mel and I did; which is not surprising.  Erin finally left last Sunday and classes started today (Monday).

Evan on the other hand has another whole week.  But this week was marked by the visitation of The Girlfriend.

Evan hasn’t bothered much with steady girlfriends in recent years.  He preferred to have many friends of both sexes and not be bothered with a relationship.  But I guess this one changed his mind.  He has always played his cards very close to the vest and so I never felt I knew much about her until she came.  It was a mild surprise when he announced that he would go visit her before Christmas and she would visit us after but I was glad of the opportunity to see her for myself.

I’m happy to report that the visit went well.  I don’t think Mel and I are guilty of any huge faux pas; time will tell I guess.  She seems to fit in with us pretty well.  All her family is really into sports so there’s a bit of a disconnect.  I like to watch college football on TV (and occasionally live and in person) but don’t like to actually do any of it.  But I can’t see that being a show stopper.