Cataracts that is.  I’ve been increasingly conscious of a cloudiness in my vision for at least a year and perhaps more.  I finally made an appointment with an ophthalmologist that was recommended by my primary care physician.  He ran the slit lamp across my eye and pronounced them cloudy within a few seconds.  He then referred me to a surgeon and I have appointment for the 9th of January to plan our attack. 

I’m not terribly happy about this since I’ve always associated cataracts with old people but facts are facts and I’m pretty close to being unable to drive with my left eye.  The right seems fine but he assures me that the cataract is there and will grow pretty quickly to be a problem.

The good thing is that this is very common surgery and the success rate is very high so there shouldn’t be a problem.  I had LASIK before so I’ve been through something similar.  Insurance will pay for a fixed focal length lens replacement but nowadays they have variable focus lenses that are very cool.  I look forward to the consultation where I’ll find out what will work best for me.