I’ve just spent this week in town and it’s been nice.  I can’t say I’ve gotten a lot done (or much of anything) but maybe that’s part of the winding down process.

We did get the Christmas presents wrapped and put under the tree.  And the old TV that has been occupying the space in front of the fireplace for a month has now been cut up into little pieces and put out on the curb.  As redneck as this sounds, it’s what the city recommended.  We have the choice of putting it on the curb and hoping it will fit into the garbage truck’s hopper, calling and scheduling a special pickup where they bring out a pickup truck (ha!) for $30, or cutting it up into smaller chunks to insure that it will fit into the garbage truck.  Typically for me, I chose the cheap option and took it apart and cut up the larger chunks.  That in itself was pretty interesting – there’s quite a lot of stuff in an old projection-style TV.  I kept the wheels to use on another project, the speakers, and the lenses in front of the projectors. 

Facebook and Twitter are full of final exam woes posted by Evan and Erin.  This is dead week at both campuses and finals start Monday.  I guess that means they’ll be home next week – I should clear off my desk so Evan can put his stuff there. 

I started a guitar tremolo box but ran out of the necessary parts so it is sitting idle until I can get to the store and buy capacitors and such.

I have mostly been out on my workbench trying to achieve final mastery of sharpening.  I’ve watched several videos on how to properly sharpen a card scraper and last night, I think I finally got it.  I tried the tack of exerting less pressure than before and this seems to have done the trick.  So now, I just need to get to work on something.

So I guess I haven’t been sitting totally idle.  Tonight is the Christmas party with our Sunday school class so the holiday celebrating has begun.