I’ve been working so much lately that there is literally nothing to report.

I don’t reallly know what Erin is doing since she’s dived headlong into college and is very independent. She doesn’t want us nosing in her business so I assume she’s doing well. Ditto with Evan.

Being in Greenville all the time and working (sometimes 12 hours a day) leaves me no time to think at all. I just return to the hotel and go to bed (maybe watch a movie).

That’s life sometimes. It won’t last much longer. I’m going to cut back on the hours a bit though – all that has been because we’re away from home and have nothing better to do. I’m going to cut back to a normal schedule and have more time to at least read a bit in the evenings.

Melissa is doing OK by herself during the week which is nice. She wouldn’t like it in the long term but for a month, she can bear it.