September 2011

I’ve been working so much lately that there is literally nothing to report.

I don’t reallly know what Erin is doing since she’s dived headlong into college and is very independent. She doesn’t want us nosing in her business so I assume she’s doing well. Ditto with Evan.

Being in Greenville all the time and working (sometimes 12 hours a day) leaves me no time to think at all. I just return to the hotel and go to bed (maybe watch a movie).

That’s life sometimes. It won’t last much longer. I’m going to cut back on the hours a bit though – all that has been because we’re away from home and have nothing better to do. I’m going to cut back to a normal schedule and have more time to at least read a bit in the evenings.

Melissa is doing OK by herself during the week which is nice. She wouldn’t like it in the long term but for a month, she can bear it.


I’ve been in Greenville, Texas working my ass off.  Of course that’s what they pay me for but I’m still tired.

Of course “Thou Shalt Not Blog About Work” so I’ll just say that I was sent four hours south on a temporary basis to do some work for a sister division who lacks the skills that we have in Tulsa.  I spend the week down in Greenville and come home on the weekends.  It’s been tiring because with nothing else to do, we just do more work.  I could soon grow sick of this in fact.  But for now, it’s been OK.

At least everybody is glad to see us.