The air conditioning in our hangar office space has been playing up lately.  Since we’ve been suffering through record heat, this has been a bit rough but not nearly as rough as what the air conditioner repair guy has to go through.  I can’t imagine climbing up 40 feet and walking around on a metal roof when it’s 104 degrees.  That’s one tough guy.

But there is no shortage of whining inside.  Everybody but the ex-military guys whine and claim they can’t work under these conditions.  I’m guessing that if you’ve been in the military then you’ve probably been somewhere that’s extremely hot and had to eat combat rations out of your helmet at least once (all the while wearing battle gear, body armor, and lugging a full pack of heavy gear).  Furthermore, you’ve probably also had to eat the same aforementioned rations that have been heated by burning C4 explosive that you dug out of the back of a disassembled mine in subzero temperatures.  So they don’t complain – they know how good they’ve got it.

Those of us permanent civilians should probably be sent to the tropics once in awhile to tend our airplanes.  When they’re parked on a ramp in the tropical sun for hours and have to wait there for some unknown delay, and then suddenly have to start the engines and take off, it can get a bit hard to stay fresh and clean.  That will teach you to keep working when conditions are sub-optimal.  Or, as they say in this business: “off nominal”.

I try not to whine when the air conditioning goes out.  But if my house A/C goes out and I have to sleep in the heat – all bets are off.