So. Lab Report:

I’ve never sharpened a lathe tool on a bench grinder before. I tried it using the postage-stamp-sized tool rest and actually got an edge on it. It was so much better than the dullness before that I laughed out loud. How much better will it be when I make a real tool rest? Feelin’ good!

Moving on. The drawknife. This one will be tricky – I can’t seem to get all the knife past the wheel without moving it around to avoid the handles hitting the motor. Probably a technique thing. I gave up and moved on.

Started cutting the ends of my desk leg pieces. Rather than using the table saw, I got out a Japanese type saw that has been laying around. I used it to cut off dowels and small jobs. This time I tried to cut a straight and square edge. SUCCESS! Took my time and watched carefully. I just worked by eye – nothing held up next to it to monitor my angle with. Of the four, three look darn near perfect – one has a little bit of a step – apparently I changed the angle of the saw early on or something. That was the last one and I was feeling cocky. I can smooth it off with a plane. After I sharpen the iron that is.

But now it’s bedtime and I’m drenched in sweat. Fall cannot come soon enough.

I’ve taken the first step on the road to quiet, non-lethal woodworking.