Well… our nest is empty.  It feels really strange.

We’ll get used to it though.  Melissa got a facebook message from one of her friends that said “Just between us, the empty nest rocks!”  That sounds promising.

Of course, Erin is just barely gone.  Her room is still a wreck – just as she left it and she’ll be back many times before she could be considered truly “moved out”.  But we’re looking at many days of nobody but us in the house so that counts as an empty nest I think. Erin is extremely independent and was chomping at the bit to move off to college; I don’t expect her to come back home unless the dorm is closed. 

Thus far, all we’ve done is watch some TV shows on the DVR and I’ve worked at a couple of projects; which is exactly what we would have done anyway.  But still it feels different.

For several years I’ve kept a blank book in my backpack.  In it I’ve written down everything I want to do and build and visit.  I guess now we can start working off those things more quickly.  Many things are already checked off since we’ve always had at least some free time.  But now perhaps we can check them off more quickly.