I guess the best way we’ve found for dealing with this long and awful heat wave is to stay inside.  We’ve tried to get outside and do what needs doing early in the morning (on the weekends naturally) and then hunker down inside.  Mel and Erin have been organizing and packing for the big move to the dorm at OSU but other than that, it’s been TV.

As happens most summers, there’s nothing really on the TV to watch.  Mel has been digging through the TV schedule to find old classic movies to catch with the DVR and that’s been fun.  Then there’s the DVD collections that we either own or can borrow from others.  It’s been fun to watch a TV series from start to finish in a few days.

I’ve also learned that there are a lot of so-called “classic” movies that end up being classics simply because of some small thing that made them unique at the time.  As such, they are interesting to cinema history buffs but may still be pretty annoying to watch.  Some really stand the test of time though. 

I practice the guitar most days for a little while.  I’ve built a couple of electronics projects at my new desk.  I should probably update Erin’s graduation video like I’ve said I want to. 

So in many ways it’s been like winter.