I never like it when July 4th falls on a Monday and yet we managed to have a good time.

I guess the prime advantage was that nobody could decide when to have their fireworks displays so they were scheduled for every night of the weekend.  We could have gone somewhere to see fireworks every night of the long weekend although I’ve seen so many fireworks I’m starting to lose interest. 

Evan came home for Mel’s family hoorah.  Her sister has recently moved into a new house and so her and her husband wanted to show it off.  A holiday is a good occasion to invite everybody plus her birthday is on the 3rd so there’s another reason to have a party.  We had the usual meat and detonations and I brought the ice cream maker over and made up a batch of vanilla ice cream.  Somebody else brought two strawberry rhubarb pies and those two make an excellent combination.

In recent years, Bass Pro Shop has built a store on a hill just off the expressway and this has spurred a lot of related growth there.   As a result, there are parking lots on top of the hill where we went on Sunday night to sit and watch fireworks from horizon to horizon.  The biggest were at Rhema Bible College which always has a carnival although since they are a fundamentalist evangelical college, they don’t call it that.  They are careful to avoid any name that may have its origins in a pagan celebration.  As a result, I can’t remember what they call it and neither can anybody else.  We just call it the Rhema Fireworks.  Both Evan and Erin have gone to the carnival part several times with friends and say it’s fun.  Kind of like the state fair without the squalid rides and dishonest games.  Mel and I just go park somewhere close and watch the fireworks.

Erin really likes buying our own fireworks and shooting them off in the street in front of the house.  We bought a few but got back so late Sunday night that we felt guilty setting them off (I tried to buy only ‘pretty’ stuff but several of them let off piercing shrieks).  Note that we did it anyway. She had to work on the actually 4th and when she got off, went to a friend’s house and so wasn’t around to do any fireworks with me, hence the early fireworking.

That left Monday (the actual 4th) as a ‘rest up and get ready to work tomorrow’ day.  Evan though is 21 and does not need rest so we went to see “Cars 2” which he had been wanting to see and which none of his friends are interested in.  We also attempted to go to dinner at a restaurant and realized that we had never before done that and we learned that many, if not most, restaurants are closed.  We found one at last and then sent him off to Fayetteville. 

Mel and I went home to watch some fireworks on TV from New York and Washington but I got distracted by the actual fireworks going off in the neighborhood.  A larger than normal number of people had apparently spent a lot of money and were setting off some pretty big stuff.  I found a spot from which I could see three separate parties and watched for some time.  I was with one of our nicer neighbors but he’s quite a gossip and I quickly tire of all that sort of conversation so I just excused myself and went home to bed but the booms continued long into the night. I felt sorry for all the terrified dogs in the town.