I got my first father’s day gift this weekend that was not something that Melissa prompted the kids to do.  Erin obviously struggled with it for awhile before just asking me what I wanted.  She would have just chosen something from my amazon wishlist but I tend to use that as a general catch-all of books that I’d like to check out from the library at some point.  So she begged off – some of them were pretty technical and expensive. But to her credit, she went into the Brookstone store and found a small RC helicopter that she thought would suffice.  Which it did!  Who doesn’t like an RC helicopter?

Evan was in a similar quandary although I’m not sure to what extent they communicated about this.  It would be like any guy to overlook father’s day and only be reminded of it by some female in the family.  I do know that his weekend plans were overshadowed by his trip to see his GF over in Branson.  With that in place, all I got was a phone call on his way home and the promise of a card… sometime.  I understand though.  He paid for it in the sense that her entire family was doing father’s day stuff and he got swept up into that and didn’t have all that much time to hang out with her.  Next time perhaps he’ll look at the calendar before making any weekend plans.

For years, Melissa would take them to a local place where they could paint a small plaster figurine and I still have all these saved away.  They fill a large storage box.  Then I received cards for a long while.  Now apparently, they are self-sufficiently thinking of gifts although I suspect they only think of it whenever they see an ad on TV.  That’s how I always was.

I’m touched though.  I enjoy all these sorts of things.  This weekend I guess Mel and I were just of a mind to recover from the past two months of frantic activity: graduation, prom, vacation, etc.  Erin was off to an OSU fun-thing to get her pumped up for college and we did nothing. NOTHING!  I woke up on Saturday morning and started watching movies (watching all the Harry Potter movies in anticipation of the last movie coming out) and did not stop until bedtime.  I only left the house for about 20 minutes to run to WalMart and buy ice cream and another movie.  As derelict as that is, we did the same thing on Sunday although we did actually leave the house to watch the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie in a theater and have lunch at a restaurant.  Erin got home late in the afternoon and we went out to dinner but other than that, it was all TV, all the time.

Erin had also borrowed the first season of Big Bang Theory from a friend and I tried to watch the entire thing before she had to return it.  I definitely relate to all the nerdy guys. 

So it was a good weekend.  But I can’t do that again.  I’ve got to get up and accomplish something.