I have taken the orrery to work several times (leaving it in the trunk of my car) to show it off and allow people to turn the crank.  As it has endured the temperature and humidity swings, the planet holders (which had fit poorly from the beginning due to my choice to drill the holes by hand) were loose and were prone to non-workage.

As a result, over the weekend I took my corrected CAD models and some wood over to my friend’s house where we remade these pieces.  During the week, I made some now planet mounts and installed the new ones.  SUCCESS!  These fit much tighter.  I think I may indeed have to remove them some day and super-glue them in place but for the moment, they are holding quite nicely.

Unfortunately, one of my gears in the drive gear stack separated from the others again.  DOH!  This has happened several times so far.  I’m not sure what the solution is except to wait until it happens to all of them and reglue them securely.  This time I used super glue since I could squirt that in without taking the whole thing apart again.

It is now on a little table where I can sit down and turn the crank as often as I like.