Saturday we emptied Evan’s room of everything but his bed and moved it into his new apartment in Fayetteville.  Then filled it up again.

He has been working this off-campus housing issue for quite awhile and now they’ve taken possession  and are spending time there studying for finals.  He’ll be there all summer since he has an internship there in Fayetteville.  So he needed furniture.

We packed up everything in his room except for his bed.  Instead, we got another old bed from the attic that was lighter and easier to put together (no tools required).  After that, it looked completely empty (which gave me a good opportunity to give the carpets a good cleaning.  Clearly I had not moved the bed out for a vacuuming for many years.

I have great plans for this room but that will come later.

I rented a truck for this little escapade.  I rented a small one from Budget.  This was more trouble than it should have been since their website was woefully out of date.  The place I chose to pick it up from turns out to have been abandoned months ago with a crudely painted note on the window behind a large bush.  I finally found the right place.  They informed me that they didn’t have that size of truck but would give me a larger one at the same price.  This is good I guess but driving a gigantic box truck with only enough stuff to cover half of the floor with no stacking seems a bit silly.  But we did it – it’s all about getting a job done, not insisting that it get done any particular way.  At least it had a ramp built into it.

It wasn’t that bad of a job since we had Evan and his roommate to actually do the moving.  We only stayed long enough to empty the truck and take him to Walmart for supplies.  This turned out to be an expensive thing since he had nothing that he could use to cook with.  At any rate that’s all done now.  We drove home after a few hours.

Erin had been away all that day since, for her, school is essentially over.  She took a bunch of AP tests which take the place of final exams so she’s coasting from now on until the last day of school.  She and some friends went to see other friends compete in a tennis tournament in Oklahoma City and got totally sunburned in the process.

That same day we discovered that our in-laws (who have recently sold their house) have had the closing date moved on them and so they have to move out by Tuesday and won’t take possession of their new house until the 20th.  They too rented a truck although much larger and had most of their stuff in it.  The rest they brought over to my house and stowed it in Evan’s room.  So Evan’s room (my laboratory) was vacant for only a few hours.  Presumably they’ll let me have it back soon and I can get on with fixing it up to suit myself.

And so Mother’s Day was for the most part was spent in moving the in-law’s out of season clothing from their house to ours. 

It was also Evan’s birthday yesterday.  While on the kitchen tool run to Walmart we bought a birthday cake for him and his buddies to eat.  He turned 21 so I can only assume that later on that evening he went to buy some beer for the first time.  Perhaps cigars too.  We heard from him last night so he obviously survived that.

So it was a pretty busy weekend.  Erin graduates soon so it will continue to be busy for awhile.  Then I can set about reconfiguring Evan’s room to fit in with my hobbies.  I actually plan on pimping out the closet to facilitate selling the house in a few years and then making it all nice before I clutter it with my stuff.  But my stuff will definitely be there soon.