Lots going on these days.  Erin is taking her final round of AP tests this week. 

This weekend, we’re packing Evan’s bedroom stuff and driving it to his new townhouse in Fayetteville.  But we’ll stop first at the dorm and get all his stuff from there and then move it all.

Then Erin graduates from high school.  We’ll have a little party at the house for family and then Erin will go to the all-night party at the school.

Following that, she and us will head to Oklahoma City for the academic all-state banquet.  Evan may or may not go.

Meanwhile, Melissa’s sister and husband are moving.  They’ve sold their house and bought another but the original closing date of May 20th has been moved up to this coming week so they have to not only pack up their house but find a place to stay for a couple of weeks.

Memorial Day weekend should prove to be pleasant with a trip to Mel’s brother in Fayetteville.  Evan will probably show up for that.

Then in early June, Mel and I head for North Carolina to see my brother Tom.

So I guess my electronics projects and any orrery projects are essentially on hold while we mess with all this other stuff. 

On the plus side, most of this stuff is already planned; all we have to do is execute.