Last night was Erin’s senior prom and we’re all still recovering.

She began at about 9:00 am with manicure and pedicure.  Mel went with her and sat in.  After that it was a meetup with her friend Jana at the hair place.  They both got a fancy do and came back to our house to finish the prep work.

After a long session with the makeup, Jana’s sister showed up to see the dress before she returned to college.  Then they both got their dresses on.  By this time it was 4:30 and various parents began to arrive to make some photos.  Then the dates showed up (and their parents) and more photos were made of the pinning on of the flowers.  Finally after all this, we all saddled up and headed off to Woodward Park where the azaleas are in full bloom this time of year.

As usual, everybody else in Tulsa County had the same idea and so there was a bit of a panic over parking spaces but everyone found a place for their cars (because nobody thought it was a good idea to carpool; unlike several other groups that actually rented tour busses and streetcars.  We saw them there.).  We took hundreds of photos it seems and then Mel and I followed them to the Mayo Hotel downtown where they were all going for dinner.  By this time the other parents had  had enough.  We took a few more photos and then finally left them to it.

I stayed up until Erin got home although she was only just changing out of the dress and into regular clothes.  She and her date went on to Annie’s house to sleep over.  A few guys went too but the parents assured us that girls were upstairs and boys were downstairs.  I believe it; that mom is one of the youth directors for her church.

Erin arrived home at around 9:00 am this morning and only answered a few questions before returning to bed.  Mel followed soon after and now the house is quiet.  It will be interesting to see all the other kids’ photos when they finally all wake up and start posting them to Facebook.