I bought Erin’s laptop for college Saturday.  And managed to plant some flowers.

Erin has been ready to leave for college since about October of last year.  She’s been asking about the laptop for the same period.  She started politicking long ago for a nice one rather than the $500 entry-level ones that I shop from.  Evan has a long history of complaining about his laptop as being inadequate to his tasks although that comes mostly from the fact that laptops improve so dramatically from one year to the next.  Erin responded to the overheard complaints by wanting a nicer one and volunteered to pay the difference.  In the end, I agreed to this.

As it turned out, when we went shopping, the landscape has changed a bit.  First, I had stumbled upon an article about reliability and so we just chose the most reliable brand (Toshiba) and didn’t look at the rest.  But we also found out that the price only varied between about $500 and $800.  A few years back you could easily top $1300 if you weren’t careful.  Plus, the $500 ones are as good as the $1000 ones used to be.

In the end, I only spent approximately another $55 than I did on Evan and she’s thrilled with it.  And another nice thing is that it did not come larded with all sorts of crapware that I had to uninstall.  In fact, I had no uninstallation to do at all.

This left me time to go buy the spring flowers that I always put out on either side of our mailbox.  This year, I also had a new bed in the back yard to plant.  We’ve always had an awkward northeast-facing corner that gets no (or very little) sun and so last fall I grubbed it all up and attempted to plant some things there.  They were plants from the end-of-season sale at Home Depot.  They were Gardenias which are totally the wrong thing and are not suited to survive the winter but I studiously kept them covered all winter whenever the temperature went below freezing and uncovered them when it was sunny.  So they’re looking pretty bad but still alive. 

I went to the nursery and bought some shade-loving plants (hostas and impatiens) and got some of them planted before the in-laws came over to discuss their search for a new house. 

The weather was glorious for this sort of work and so it was a pleasant weekend.  I got the rest of them in on Sunday.  So here’s hoping they all thrive.  I hired another lawn service to do the mowing and although we’re in an unfortunate drought, my grass seems to be coming up anyway.  I’ll be glad when the mowers show up. 

My house unfortunately sits on a bed of almost pure clay.  When I dig down an inch or two I encounter something that I think potters would love to have.  I’ve even thought of trying to find some people who like to throw pots and seeing if they would come dig up some of mine.  That could be a win-win where they get free clay and I end up with space to bring in topsoil.  But that’s just dreaming.  Potters probably want special stuff – not just any old crap.