Things to do to improve the next orrery:
1) Buy better wood.

2) No biscuits when gluing up the wood.

3) Let the machine do the Saturn gear (with smaller bit).

4) Let the machine do the base.

5) Correct the pocket holes on the top.

6) Correct the CAD models of the planet holders and let the machine drill the holes.

7) Let the machine drill the crank plate.

8) Put on finish, then stick on the dial.

9) Try to make the support rods the same wood as the base and top.

10) Make CAD models of the Saturn lantern parts and let the machine do that.

11) Better wire for the planet supports – needs to be stiffer. Lantern gear wire is fine.

12) Didn’t need to polish the shafts – just needed to clean off the price tag gunk.

13) More of an angle on the peg ends.

14) The shaft holes in base and top shouldn’t be through holes – should be blind – will change the shaft length a little.

15) Actually sand it well like you’re supposed to.

16) Check the position of the shaft holes on the base and top – somehow the first one ended up off by a tiny bit which made the gears not level until I stuck a shim on top of the crank plate.

17) Replace crank handle to one that rotates in its socket – makes it easier to turn.