The guy I bought my orrery pattern from suggested that the I cut out each drawing and stick it onto the wood.

Normally one would turn to the old standby 3M Type-77 spray adhesive. I always have a can of that around. But when you use it, it’s hard to peel the pattern off. I’ve ended up sanding them off although it just occurred to me that I could try a solvent.

In this case I decided to find a can of that stuff that is like the back of a Post-It note. In other words it sticks but is easily peeled off. On those occasions when I wasn’t using the CNC machine to cut my parts, I used this.

While it did perform as advertised I found that by the time I was nearly done cutting, the pattern was lifting up on its own more than I would have liked. So maybe it’s not the best idea after all.

It’s pretty cool though. I’ll stick with it for now since sanding is the very devil to me.