This was a busy weekend.  Erin had a big interview, Evan came home briefly, and I got lots of woodworking done.  It was a good weekend overall.

Erin applied for the CEAT scholarship at OSU.  This is a big chunk o’ money within the engineering school and they actually invite the students who make the final cut in for an in-person interview.  Although I didn’t realize it until I got there, the hotel and all meals were included.  Whee!

The interview part only took about an hour but since there were so many students being interviewed, it took several hours with lots of waiting.  It need not have taken an overnight stay with the associated banquet but I guess that’s their call.  At any rate, Erin thinks she did well.  She should have after all the preparation we went through.  We had her go through all her application materials to make sure she remembered what she said and then came up with some sample interview questions. 

Now we wait.

Evan came home to work at Macy’s mostly just so he could stay on the payroll.  If you don’t work during any calendar month, you fall out of the system and have to get rehired so he was just keeping his status active.  We were gone to OSU when he arrived and he was working when we got back so we never saw him until about 11:00 pm Saturday night.  We skipped church the next day and went out to breakfast just so we could all spend a little time together.  After that, he took off since he’s carrying 18 hours and had stuff to do.  According to facebook, some of that stuff involved skylarking with his buddies but that college for you.

On Sunday afternoon, I took off for my friend’s house to try and finish off my orrery.  I didn’t make it that far but almost.  But that’s something for another entry.