This weekend, she got a letter telling her she’d made Academic All-State.  Furthermore, she was invited to Stillwater to be interviewed for one of the CEAT scholarships.  The latter might mean a bit more financial aid plus some travel during the summer. 

On Saturday morning I finally published on Facebook a link to a video I’d been working on which showed all the cute photos and videos from her childhood.  My motivations were not entirely pure; I wanted to see if I could get as many comments and “likes” as she and her friends do.  But of course, I don’t have all that many facebook friends and so my comments were proportional to that.  Still, I did get some very kind comments which I enjoyed.

She also posted a link and got a bunch of “likes” and comments which I will adopt as my own since I made the video. 

Note to self:  learn to accept a compliment graciously and not immediately start pointing out where you’d like to make changes to the video and do it all over again.  Just go with it.  Smile, say thanks, and leave the video as it is.