I wasn’t able to get anything done on the orrery this past weekend since my friend was tied up with the robotics team.

Somehow he got involved with the robotics teams of two local high schools as the technical mentor. They meet at the engineering building at the university of Tulsa and on Saturday they were in the middle of their build and were woefully behind schedule due to the snows.

He asked me to come help which I did since he has been kind enough to give me free run of his shop. I don’t think I was that much help but the attentions of an outside observer from a different school district seemed to give a boost to their self esteem.

The challenge is immense. Even though they are provided with most of the parts they need, they have to do some extreme things. They have to pick up some plastic rings and hang them on pegs; one of which is nine feet high and then deploy a subrobot that will climb a pole and hit a light switch. It’s no small feat.

They’re well on their way though.