Well Evan’s back at school now.  He really enjoyed his Christmas break.  The mandolin I got him for Christmas was a huge hit and he spent hours playing it.  He started out knowing very little and by the end of the three weeks or so, he was getting pretty good at it.  He also got a job at Macy’s and ended up working about 30 hours a week and thus earned the money to replace his stolen iPod Touch.

We bought most of his textbooks from Amazon this year and as he was packing to leave (mere hours before he was to leave) he announced that he couldn’t find one of his books.  We ransacked the house to no avail and us parents got annoyed at him for either losing an $80 book or not verifying that it was even in the box that another had been shipped in.

I felt stupid emailing the seller asking them to verify that they packed it since I could well imagine them just looking at their computer records and blowing off such an obvious oversight on our part but in a miracle that still amazes me today I got an email from them telling me that they did indeed make a mistake and refunded me my money.  So I guess I owe Evan an apology although he still should have looked in the box and verified that he had what he needed.

So now he’s back at the U of A and is enrolled in 18 hours.  I really hope he can keep up with that kind of course load in the college of engineering but he thinks he can.  He knows a number of other kids that are doing the same thing.  Plus one class is one of those legendary blow-offs so hopefully it will be more like a 15 or 16 hour semester.