Wow. I haven’t updated this with anything in weeks. But they were busy weeks so I don’t feel too bad. Let’s see if I can catch up.

Christmas was fun. Evan came home after finals and got a job at Macy’s to earn the money to replace his iPod. I anticipated that working retail right before Christmas would be hellish but it seemed not to bother him.

My sister Linda came to spend Christmas with us which was a big deal. Her boyfriend (for lack of a better term) has a son who lives in our town so they both came up which made the trip easier and more fun for the both of them.

We sat around doing nothing for a day or so but then got up and did some fun stuff and felt better for it.

We did nothing on New Year’s Eve but both kids had parties to go to so we stayed up until they got home. While we were waiting, I took down all the decorations. Evan headed off to a CRU winter conference and we headed to Steve’s farm near Fayetteville to spend a couple of very pleasant days.

And now we’re back at work except for Evan. And none of us are really happy about it.