December 2010

Hey check this out: with the easy-to-learn (and free) computer language Python, you can automatically write your own 80’s pop tunes like this one from Depeche Mode:

for i in range(1, 700):
print “I just can’t get enough”

…It’s just that easy!


I don’t know what’s come over me but I just can’t work up my usual enthusiasm for the holidays. Every time I start putting up a decoration I end up becoming conscious of the passage of time and memories come flooding over me and I just stop and go do something else.

We got the various little buildings of our Christmas village when we first moved to Oklahoma and the kids were super excited. They always squabbled over who got to set out which building and how they were to be arranged. Now they could care less; Evan has finals to study for and a career to plan for and Erin has a jillion things to occupy her mind. I end up setting the little village out myself. I set out a few and then just stopped. I put the rest away; we don’t need that many anyway and nobody will notice.

Same with the lights on the house.

It doesn’t help that business has been slow at work and I’ve been noodling about on Monster and LinkedIn to see what my options are.

Perhaps I should go watch a Charlie Brown Christmas.