The week-long run of “Our Town” has finished up and Erin is exhausted.  She had a major role this year and that meant lots of lines to remember and lots of times to deliver them.  Her role (Emily Webb if anybody is familiar with the play) is an emotional one and so requires some energy to do correctly.  Plus, in order to stage it the way she wanted, the director chose to only allow about 150 people to attend per performance (seats arranged on the stage so the audience is very close to the performers).  This required there to be more performances than usual to make up the difference at the box office and so Erin was dog-tired after all that.

But the performances went really well.  We all enjoyed them; Mel and I went to three out of the five.  The part was double cast and so Erin only performed three of them and we only wanted to see those three (although Erin had to be present for all of them – usually to help with set changes, makeup, etc).  For me it was very weird to see my daughter playing a character that got married and then died in childbirth.  Erin was quick to remind me that it was a play and that she was acting but still.  It’s supposed to tug at the audience’s heartstrings and it did. 

We’re all glad it’s over though.  It’s fun to be the star of the show but it’s tiring.  Erin says that the spring musical is going to be “Little Shop of Horrors” and she’s definitely not trying out for anything major.   She’s joking that she’s auditioning for the role in the chorus called “sassy black woman”.